3 Signs You're Not Taking Responsibility for Your Business

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Deep down inside, we want someone to take care of us. Basically, we are all babies.

I find I even expect my clients to take care of me. By always being on time for phone calls, paying on time, and always wanting them to purchase my most lucrative package. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Unfortunately, that's not real life and instead of becoming empowered, I became very frustrated. That all changed when I stopped putting expectations on others to take care of my business (aka "going with the flow") and accepted that I am the only one who can be responsible for my success.

Let's face it, the more we prepare ourselves for success, the more responsibility we will have.

And that is downright terrifying. But you know what's more terrifying? Is never even trying to be responsible for my success. So, one day instead of being frustrated, I decided to take a risk: I said 'yes' to that person who wanted to set me up with a new sales pipeline. I said 'yes' to putting myself out there, I said 'yes' to responsibility. 

I'm learning that the only way to get the freedom I want - flexible hours, making money to grow my business and to travel - is to take on more responsibility. At least at first. I know, it sounds counterintuitive, right? As business owners, we're already responsible for clients, projects, maybe even employees, our personal bills - and now, we have to take on more?! 

Yes, but hear me out. The more we are responsible for, the less we will rely on everyone else to meet our needs. At the end of the day, if we aren't finding ways to make sure our businesses are producing results via sales and marketing, we aren't progressing. If we aren't progressing, we won't last in business.

Still not sure you need to take on more responsibility? Here are three red flags to look out for:

1.  You're waiting for opportunities instead of making them happen.

I see this one all the time especially with veteran business owners.

They started out strong and needed to recharge or got overwhelmed with projects. In most cases, they've felt "comfortable" with their established sales pipelines. So, naturally, they stopped making new opportunities. Opportunities come in all different forms. It can be connecting with others and reaching out, generating new ways to make money or gain prospects.

Getting an evaluation from a consultant can give you an unbiased perspective on things you may not be able to see yourself. Sometimes, all you need is a pair of new eyes or a fresh mind to help you make opportunities you couldn't see yourself.

2. You have a website and are on social media, but aren't getting leads.

This is me! I've spent so much time "helping" people - giving them tips, working for free after a project is finished, or just keeping myself "too busy", that I've completely forsaken my first rule in business: making my business my first priority.

3. You're spending more time working than strategizing/planning.

This one is also me - I get it, I totally do. I LOVE my craft. I enjoy helping others, too,  which can also be problematic. The minute you realize you're not putting in the necessary effort to plan, strategize, and implement your sales and marketing strategy, I highly suggest evaluating your schedule. Make a way to promote your business and form new revenue streams or sales funnels. These are money makers, and making money is the only way you can continue doing what you love and helping people. 

Do you find yourself relating to any of these indicators that you need to take more responsibility for your business's results? If so, don't be afraid to ask for help!

Book me for a free 20 minute consultation and let's get to planning!

Lots of love, 


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