Why We Are Safest in the Unknown

One of my obligations as a coach is to help people step out of their comfort zones.

And to most of us, we only step out of our comfort zones when life circumstances force us to do so. When we get fired, lose our house, feel depressed from not living the life we want and settling.

The thing is -

Why wait to be FORCED by negative circumstances when you can actually CHOOSE to step out of your comfort zone when things are pretty good?

The idea of familiar being safe is a complete illusion. Safety comes in having faith in our abilities and surrendering to the unknown. God is the only One who knows all things. To You, God may be the Universe.

Here’s my point -

You are NOT safe at your job, with 1 billion dollars in the bank, with a house. You are not safe by choosing to stay in familiarity.

Do you know what my “familiar” was?

It was not feeling safe in my environment and settling for less than I deserved in relationships and life. If I had stayed in my comfort zone, I would be working in corporate and being the same “meek” Caitlin everyone adored me for —- because I never made any waves. I never made anyone angry. I never spoke my mind. I never risked my neck for the truth.

What is your comfort zone?

What lines do you draw for yourself and decide you CAN’T cross?

Check out the video below —- if you continue to do what you believe you are limited to, you are doing just as this ant is in this video:

There are days in my entrepreneurial journey when I don’t know where my next dollar was coming from.

You don’t need to know HOW you’re gonna do it, you just have to BELIEVE you’re going to do it. Period.

So many people want to know HOW before committing because that’s how they feel safe. The truth is it is a spiritual and universal law that commitment requires faith. The HOW is just taking one step at a time.

It starts with doing what you KNOW to do.

As you continue taking one step at a time, you will soon be on your journey creating the life you want with each individual step.

Most likely, you will never see all of the steps you need to take. And if you think you know them all, life will certainly throw something in the mix to disrupt your pride of all-knowingness.

The most important point I drive home to my clients is that we are designed to be more powerful than money.

And if you’re living a life that is limited to the money you have, you’re not living in your power.

You’re living in fear, scarcity and love of money.

I’ll say it again -

Money does not make you safe.

A job does not make you safe.

Sticking to what you know does not make you safe - it makes you limited and shrinks your potential every day you are alive. It means you are living to survive and you are living in fear.

What are you limiting yourself to?

What are you convincing yourself you’re unworthy of?

What are you telling yourself you CAN’T have or do?

What rewards are you delaying from yourself by holding back?

What future are you sacrificing by not taking action now?

What illusion of safety are you clinging to in your current situation that you believe you would lose if you did something differently?

When we open our hearts and minds to possibility, we are living in wealth, abundance and Love. And we are safest in LOVE.

Another secret - we are safe when we choose to believe we are safe. And our circumstances have nothing to do with it.

Cheers to Your Sage Self,


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