Why You're Resisting Receiving More For Yourself

I read a story today about young man who was living under a bridge.

Seven months ago he was approached by someone to be hired for a job.

For seven months, the young man did not complain or show up late.

He was homeless, shelterless and had no “security” - but he believed in himself.

Do you think the young man stopped and asked the man who approached him with a job, “Can you guarantee I can make x amount of dollars?”

I bet you he did not.

Because that would be entitled of him to do so.

Instead, in gratitude he owed it to HIMSELF to show up everyday without complaint.

What are you asking coaches, mentors or clients to do for you that you are not doing for yourself?

What are you betting your success on - because if it’s on anything but yourself - you’re making the wrong bet.

What do you owe yourself that you are not allowing?

Is it investing in help for your business, is it self-belief, is it being honest with yourself?

Listen, you cannot own your power until you first own your bullshit.

From now on, every time you say you can’t afford, don’t have time, aren’t ready or some other form of excuse dismissing yourself from being accountable for your next level in business, money or relationships - think of this young man under the bridge who made it a point to show up everyday without excuse when he had every reason not to succeed.

Caitlin ThiedeComment