Why Playing Safe in Relationships Keeps You Small & Unhappy in Business

Business and relationships go hand in hand - I mean, you wouldn’t be in business without the people who buy from you, right?


So now that I’ve segwayed into that … allow me to explain how so many of us confuse having a relationship with being in a relationship and how this shows up in having a business….without actually being responsible for our businesses.

We all have relationships, but not all of us are connected in those relationships.

For example, you may have a sister, a brother, a father, a mother, a partner - but you may not be actively participating in a relationship with them or vise versa.

This is has been my experience with the majority of my relationships.

It’s only this year that I learned how to actually connect with others.

And since my last dating escapade revealed how I was so capable of having a relationship without being connected to someone, I made a huge decision to open myself up and receive others and be vulnerable - not to have my needs met, but to simply experience another human.

No defenses, no walls - just openness.

The result? Pain and joy simultaneously.

It’s living to the fullest - knowing who I am and what I want and not expecting anything. Just being present and savoring all the feelings that come with it.

I’ve not been one to play it safe. In relationships, I give my all. And it’s the same in my business.

I am the women who writes love songs and pours my heart out. I don’t know how to hold back.

And in business, I am the person who does things all the way - I can’t just coach. I have to build a whole program with it.

And as I talk to more people, I am realizing an alarming trend - the same way people desire to have a relationship without actually being committed to the vulnerability, pain and rejection that comes with BEING in a relationship, is the same way people are showing up in business.

Do you have social media, websites, shops, products and offerings without internal processes?

Do you want people to buy from you without providing tangible value first?

Do you expect success just for showing up online without doing the mental, emotional and hands-on work it takes to build sustainable income?

This may hurt to hear, but we really need to be honest with ourselves —- where are we showing up halfway in our relationships?

Answer this question and then ask yourself the question again replacing the word ‘relationships’ with business.

Sage on,


Caitlin ThiedeComment