Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


I am a loner, through and through.

This is for sure a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, it make me incredibly determined. 

Knowing I don't like to rely on others forces me to bend circumstances and resources in my favor. It's given me a no-victim attitude that helps me overcome almost anything. On the other hand, it's been a tremendous stumbling block on my journey to full-time copywriting consultant.

I try to do everything by myself - marketing, writing, brainstorming, networking. And then I realized - just because I CAN do it all by myself, doesn't mean I SHOULD!

I've even started applying this rocket science into my daily life:

- Just because I CAN carry 5 bags of groceries by dangling them over my arms and fingers, nearly breaking my fingers and grunting from the weight, doesn't mean I SHOULD. I can make more trips, or ask for help (the terror, I know!)

- Just because I CAN heave furniture from one side of the room to the other when I am tired of the arrangement and just 'want it done now", doesn't mean I SHOULD. I could *gasp* wait for help!

- Just because I CAN do things for others because I want to do them, but probably should put my responsibilities first, doesn't mean I SHOULD! (I'm talking to you, men and women, who complain about other not doing things, but take on their responsibilities for them!) I know, I know the agony of relying on someone else, or worse, feeling like a burden.

So What Help Are You Resisting in your personal or professional life?

You know what I did this week? I messaged friends to hold me accountable for blogging and social media marketing. And you know what? I wasn't a burden at all!

No matter what you may tell yourself, people WANT to help you, and they want you to succeed! If you aren't surrounding yourself with those kind of people, find some!


This post is dedicated to my incredible circle of strength:

Demetrius Lynch II @ BisTalk

Joe Tubolno @ Hug Your Roots

Shay Dawkins @ "Solution Shay"

Tyler Marschall @ Advisify Media

Mariah Anne Johnson @ Creativ Life

Amber Joy Rava @ Amber Joy Rava's Ring of Fire

and everyone else who is in my corner! 

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