Wisdom from A Snowy Spring Day


Today, I woke up to hail and snow in spring, and I smiled. I saw geese walking unfazed pecking at their morning breakfast in green fields, and it made me think...

Animals follow their instinct where ever and whenever it leads them. They know what is best and rely fully on earth’s provision even if it means extreme discomfort. Snow, rain, storm, danger – animals will face these all to get where they need to be.

Our lives are so much like snowy days in spring. We often believe we “should” be somewhere or someone we aren’t. When it is snowy, we pray for sun; when it is sunny, we complain and ask for cold. And when the seasons of our life change, we may even be led to alter our course of actions for the sake of comfort.

Lately, I’m learning to be more and more like those geese. I’m the type who lets circumstances dictate what I do instead of creating my own reality.

Now that I've realized that, I'm focused on stepping out of my comfort zone in ordinary ways.

I’m really good at risking big in response to circumstances. I will move in a heartbeat to give a relationship a “chance” to work out, I will drop everything I’m doing to tend to someone else’s needs, and I will give when I have nothing. And all these things, I thought, at one point in time were good. Now I realize they aren't necessarily acts of faith, but reactions to circumstances. Living this way has enabled me to violate personal boundaries, completely neglect myself, and be a seeker for approval. So now, I’ve turned myself inside out to acknowledge my needs first and respond to myself for myself, not my circumstances.

Slowly but surely, I’m giving myself permission to outgrow my old ways of doing everything from my morning routine to how I approach daily tasks.

  • Instead of ignoring that book, item, or article of clothing that’s out of place, I’ll take the time to put it in its rightful home
  • Instead of waking and reaching right for my phone, I’ll stretch, look at the ceiling and thank God for this new day
  • Instead of scarfing down my food to finish my meal, I’ll sit and savor every bite, not with the goal of finishing my food, but to enjoy it

The difference in each of these actions is doing it with a heart of love, gratitude, and contentment instead of fear, scarcity, and doubt.

Our daily habits shape our future, and now that I can put that knowledge into action, I can trust myself that much more.

Here are daily habits I’m committing to for both my business and personal life:

  • Producing VALUABLE content on my blog & social media
    • To be of service to others instead of another content to fulfill a marketing obligation
  • Practicing guitar and SHOW UP to open mics
    • To take small steps towards performing and recording again so others can enjoy my music
  • Doing Yoga first thing after I wake
    • To make sure I am honoring my body with proper exercise and care

If I can do it in the small things, then I can do it in the big things, too..

 What habits are holding you back from purpose?