3 Tools Your Business Needed Yesterday


You know when you do something for so long that you just can't seem to do it any differently?

It can be anything at all -- not making the bed or not making it well, picking your nose, or the more mundane everyday things like, wanting to know how to do something, but not knowing where to start...so you do nothing.

I'm sure we can all relate to the last one (and definitely picking our noses, we all have done that).

Now think - what tools have been introduced to your life and now you are positive you can't live without?

For me, it's Instagram, Squarespace, and BisTalk

1 and 2: Instagram & BisTalk

Instagram has become my go-to for prospecting. And before BisTalk, I would do it manually - sitting there for hours, interacting and commenting. BisTalk actually sends out automated comments to targeted hashtags, niches, and locations. As a geo-targeting marketing tool, it is out of this world! Every hour 30 - 50 and 15 - 20 comments go out on your behalf to the audience of your choice via hashtags, location, or niche (or all three). The comments that BisTalk sends out can be personalized to your unique purpose and shares one purpose: to receive a direct message from ideal prospects. 

Why a direct message?

Because relationships are EVERYTHING.

Interact, learn, invite, and you will have an influx of leads from people you WANT to help and who WANT help from you! 

BisTalk has also helped me collect email addresses as I simply ask others to subscribe because I know my blog can help them as a non-paying customer, and it's connected me with businesses and people I may have never met otherwise. 

Finally, I get more visits to my site (about 200+ and growing monthly) which improves SEO, and of course, lead pools .... and begins qualifying blogs and content sites for monetization (getting paid from advertisers)...a course is coming for that, so stay tuned!

If you've made it this far on my blog, as a special thank you, you can get a 2 day free trial here by filling out the form telling them I referred you!

3: Squarespace

Website building tools are a plenty, but be weary of ones you choose. A GOOD website building tool will:

  • Offer domain hosting
  • Provide tools, features, and applications with your purchase (monthly or annually)
  • Have support for their users that is accessible and easy to find
  • Be easy to follow 

Squarespace has all of this and more!

Before I found Squarespace, Wordpress was my go-to builder. Over time, I've found that WP is built with profit in mind, Squarespace is built with people in mind. That's a HUGE difference! I've had two clients who have both requested a Squarespace site after I've helped them with their Wordpress versions.   Wordpress is designed with developers in mind. Squarespace, I've found is developed with CREATORS in mind. Whereas Wordpress upcharges their customers for installs, apps, or additional features, Squarespace gives you all your tools up front in a single purchase. And they are always happier with their decision to switch.

Another great thing about Squarespace is their products are affordable. Prices range from $16 - $30 per month and include e-commerce and business plans. They have chat help online or via email, and they treat their customers right. Most importantly, they simplify web building, so you don't need to be a coder to have a website.

Sidenote: Squarespace is NOT available in Pakistan. In these cases, I recommend WIX. Their format can be a bit more tedious to work with, but it is still designed with creators in mind, like Squarespace. 

I recently became an honorary Square Circle Member which gives me authority to provide 20% OFF for anyone who hires me to transfer their site from Wordpress or start one from scratch. 

If you're interested in learning more, contact me with the message "Squarespace" and we'll talk!

Tool Check Up

What tools do you use to help your business or achieve your goals?

Comment below and let's start a conversation. :) 

PS - for those of you who love my soul food posts, don't worry, that will be coming later this week!

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