So...What Is It I do Exactly?


A lot of people have asked me, "so what do you do exactly?"

I'm taking these inquiries as a sign for improvement in being more transparent, direct, and clear about what I do. That's also why I'm entering the beginning of a rebrand. Since I'm starting something new, I think it's important I set the record straight on exactly who I am and how I identify with Storyspeak...

For starters, here is my new "what I do" statement:

"I help brands discover, redefine, and hone their weapon of voice for unprecedented impact as a powerful authority in their unique  purpose."

Why Do I Do This?

My Story

For a long time, I didn't know how to speak up for myself. Like many of us, I grew up learning to take care of everyone around me while leaving little regard for who I am. I think we are all conditioned for this - through family systems, religion, etc. My fear of speaking up has been my greatest blessing as it fueled my creative expression through writing and music.

I've always attended church from a young age, so between that and my compassionate, faithful, God fearing mother, I cultivated love in action from an early age. 

I had always had a strong enthusiasm to raise money for the less fortunate. I truly LOVE helping others make money especially when those who acquire it, are ones who love people and who make it their mission to impact the world. Whether it was collecting change in Pringles cans or volunteering at a booth, I made it my mission to join others in their pursuit of impact.

Time marched on and life brought me closer to the hearts of those in addiction, or recovery, and human trafficking. As I encountered friends and ordinary people who began making themselves available for these causes, I knew I couldn't keep my eyes closed. I felt all I could really offer was my voice, and so I did.

That's when I created Storyspeak Enterprises.

And So It Began

My initial and long-term vision is to use it as an umbrella to help raise awareness and funds for human trafficking and addiction.

I began writing on and partnered with non-profit business owners to raise awareness for their causes. But it wasn't enough!  As a writer, I have the opportunity to see how my voice is altered to fit the agenda of another. And that is when I realized the power of voice. I have since made it my mission to show business owners how to leverage their voice as a weapon of purpose and truth; THEIR truth. 

The older I get, the more I see that this is all most of us have to give, so it's time to stop taking it for granted.

Wield Your Weapon of Voice

Your voice is the power to getting what you want. Just as God spoke things into existence, so we speak things into existence. And when it comes to content online, the way you speak (your tone of voice) matters! 

Attracting your ideal audiences, getting sales conversions on your website, or sales funnel, persuading people to action - this is the premise of advertising, sales, and marketing. This is the power of voice. 

My Present Passion

My passion is to help others change the way they see their voice, and the voice of their brand, and to utilize it as they're meant. To lead themselves in fulfilling their purpose and goals using the power of their voice in content. Presently, my services are helping businesses and non-profit owners to lay the foundation for sustainable long-term income with new revenue streams (passive and non-passive), partnerships, and content promotion.

So, what do I do exactly?

Coach, consult, copywrite, plan, strategize, implement. 

I've had a hard time fitting myself into a box, and I realize...that comes with good reason.

I think the better question to ask is not what I do, but who I am.

I'm the Storyspeaker who wants to help you wield your weapon of voice.

Lots of love,


PS - To really understand the kind of power you have, read the comment someone left at the end of this article.

Isn't that the kind of impact you want from your non-profit and business?




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