You Are Enough, Really.


In good old procrastinating fashion, I was watching YouTube the other day. I was watching one of my favorite influential minds, Jay Shetty, share a story about worth.

He looked squarely at the camera and spoke of a professor teaching his students a life lesson with a paper check. The check was worth about twenty dollars. The professor held it in front of the students and challenged all who wanted this check to raise their hands.

Every hand raised up.

He crumpled the check and asked the students again, "Who wants this check?"

All hands went up.

The professor threw the check on the floor in its crumpled stature and began to screw it into the ground under his foot. When removed from the floor, the check was dirty, wrinkled, and worn. He asked the students a final time, "Now who wants this?"

Every student raised their hand.

"Today you've learned a valuable lesson," the professor said, "No matter how life knocks you down or wears you out, it will never reduce your value."

Our minds have a funny way of believing our worth is in how we are treated by others, in the numbers of our bank account, or our material possessions, and maybe even our health. 

And how does that translate to your entrepreneurial endeavors or your business?

Your perception of self-worth will directly impact the money you make, the work you put out, the way you speak to others, and the way others perceive you. 

Sure, we are what we believe we are, but we are also already that which we don't believe we are yet.

Do you believe you are a blessing?

Do you believe you are worthy of success, love, a family, wealth?

Do you believe you are valuable beyond measure?

Notice how you speak about yourself and of others, notice how you wield your power of voice.

For any words which directly violate the truth of all humanity - you ARE a blessing; you ARE worthy of love, success, wealth, and family; you ARE valuable beyond measure - speak the truth which you may have not yet received for yourself.

And if you are looking for proof, look in the mirror. You were created because you are valued by a Creator who knows your power and purpose even if you haven't fully awakened to it yet. 

You are enough even when you think you are not, even when you believe you are not.

Your being is your immeasurable value.

Lots of Love,


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