Why You REALLY Should Start Being More Full of Yourself

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"You're so full of yourself."

That's taken as an insult, right? If someone has ever said this to you, it's most likely because you really are selfish and/or arrogant.

However, given the fact you're reading MY blog, you probably have never been the recipient of that phrase. (And if you did, it probably was from someone who was full of themselves - in that egocentric kind of way)

Well, I'm gonna tell you right now, I want you to be so damn full of yourself that anyone who doesn't want to see you being the confident, sexy, self-believing, self-assuring, humble, kind amazing bad ass you are will become upset because of it.

Go ahead and be SO FULL OF YOURSELF, that when you wake up in the morning with a heaviness in your chest because of poor memories that replay in your mind, you can remind yourself that YOU determine how you feel in the morning.

I'll give you a perfect example. This morning I was laying in bed longer than I should have. Someone from my past reached out to me last night and I was dragged back immediately to who I was THEN. I was reminded of my pain, my mistakes, my failures. 

And then I got out of bed. Not because I wanted to or felt like it, but because I needed to. Something shifts when we act in ways that contradict our feelings. If I did what I felt like, I would have stayed in bed lamenting my last two years and lamenting who I AM NOT. You know what I did instead? 

I said  a prayer and put my hand on my heart, "Thank You Jesus that I am alive. Thank You God that I am here. Thank you that I am worthy. Thank you that I have access to abundance and I am prosperous. Thank you that I am amazing. Thank you that I am beautiful. Thank you that I am deserving." And then I thanked myself because I'm doing the work within myself to get myself to where I need to be in my business, my mind, my spirit, my body. I thanked MYSELF because I am becoming what I need for me and that's all that matters.

As difficult as it was to ignore my feelings, I decided to move forward in my mind and leave the past in its place.

Anticipate Obstacles in Times of Growth

It's really interesting that these feelings are all coming up when I'm on the verge of TREMENDOUS breakthrough in my business. 

I've leveled up A LOT and am about to embark on higher grounds. I know I need to push myself harder to achieve my goals this month and to set myself up for long term success. 

Are feelings of self-doubt creeping up on you when you know you're about to do something big?

Does your past ever try to convince you you're not what you think or that you don't deserve your dreams, your success, your family,  your love?

I'm telling you, YOU DO DESERVE ALL OF THOSE THINGS. And the fact you FEEL like you don't is an indicator that you are about to leave some major valleys behind you! This should encourage you. Your feelings are coming up because these are familiar feelings and they are to remind you of what you are leaving behind. GROW ON WITHOUT THEM.

Love loving yourself. Even when you feel guilty, or bad, or shamed, or undeserving...because all of those feelings aren't true.. Even when it feels wrong to proclaim victory in your current situation, do it. (Yes, you CAN walk away from feelings!)

Instead of engaging with feelings that don't serve you:

Fight the good fight and come through for yourself. Fill yourself up with Love and remind yourself of your Royalty. Speak life over yourself. You are made from LOVE itself. So you do have it and you do deserve it. Be kind to yourself when you fail, be gentle to yourself when you are weak and be gracious when you could have done something differently or better.

Reach out to yourself and lift yourself up because you are the only one who can - and I'm telling you, YOU CAN. 

Our feelings follow our minds and you deserve to feel worthy, loved, incredible, confident, capable and successful - not because someone else tells you you are all of these things, not because you have attained some sort of status or achieved x, y and z, not even because you have proved yourself to anyone including yourself. The only reason you need to feel (which will lead to BEING) these things is because YOU have decided for yourself that you are already these things in the first place!

When your business and life demands so much more of you and you FEEL you can't level up to meet its demands, rise up anyway.

If you truly can't, if you are spread too thin, rise up to accept this and position yourself to delegate work to others. Start saying NO more and maintain your boundaries.

Yea, it gets uncomfortable to be so on point with yourself all the time, but soon you'll get used to it, and everyone in your life will either rise up to meet you where you're at or walk away because they can't mess with that kind of Love.

So today, I'm challenging you because someone has to ... will you please be a little more full of yourself?!

Lots of love,



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