Do You Want to Be Remembered for Your Money or Your Impact?

Sustained success means making the greatest possible impact over the longes period of time..png

If you couldn't already tell by reading this blog, I am a creative.

I write, I sing, I paint, I play music and the number one thing I do best of all is connect.

As most sales people know, connection is crucial for success in sales. Finding something in common with your prospect, asking them questions to find their "pain points" and then posing your product or service to their pain points (so long as you truly CAN resolve their problem) is the best way to get the sale. It's not a convincing - it's a true exchange of impact  during the transaction. 

But what about after the transaction?

Where are you adding value after the sale?

That's right - the follow ups, the customer service and the experience. 

These are all still related to the transaction though. 

How are you giving reason for prospects and customers to stay committed, not only to your products or services, but  to your brand? 

The most valuable brands in the world do this by telling their "WHY" effectively.

Emotions are the number one deciding factor for long-term brand commitment.

And while you are certainly affecting people by helping them benefit from all of your products and services, your brand will be most remembered for the connection they felt to your purpose. This goes much deeper than making money.

How do you want to be remembered?

For your success? For your sales revenue? For your dollars?

Or would you want to be remembered for something bigger than you - the impact your purpose (your WHY for doing things) made on your customers' hearts for a brand that impacts people and makes money long after you're gone?

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