The One Thing Branding and Tony Robbins Have in Common


You can probably tell by now that much of my work is inspired by being inspired myself. I'm always confronting who I am and using my knowledge to propel me deeper into my purpose.

Want to know a secret?

The same advice that coaches like Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty and Deepak Chopra offer for your personal and spiritual life, also applies to your business.

I found a quote by Tony Robbins the other day, something along the lines of "Your greatest tool is knowledge of thyself." 

This is a great struggle for business owners who are so focused on "pleasing" their customers before knowing their true value. As a consultant and writer, the number one mistake I see businesses making is writing copy that "sounds good"  according to what they think people want to hear. Instead of saying what people need to hear. Catering to audiences instead of speaking from a place of brand authenticity. And you can't be true to your brand without first knowing yourself!

Don't you just love when someone is unapologetically and deeply aware of themselves?

Yep, it's the all-powerful and trending term "self-awareness".

Now let's replace the word "self" with brand.

Today I'm here to teach you about brand awareness.

Let's put this in perspective - 

Imagine you're in front of Tony Robbins and approach him all star struck. You reach out your hand to introduce yourself and (smoothly) thank him for his motivation and inspiration. Then you tell him how much his work has impacted you.

Now, instead of receiving grace, kindness, wit, charm and humility from the Tony he appears to be, imagine he looks at you up and down, rejects you with an outstretched hand (palm in the face style) and turns on his heels to walk away. 

Wouldn't you be dumbfounded?

This is the type of experience you are giving your audience when you refuse to provide emotional depth behind your brand.  You are stiffing your audience of an emotional exchange. And it's not because you don't care, it's most likely because you are unaware of just how much your words and business can impact those who encounter it.

Ready for this to get a little deeper?

Before anyone can resonate with a target market, they must first know what resonates with themselves.

To get the results you want from your audience, you need to first know what you stand for as a brand.

People don't buy from you or read your content because of what you say, they do all of those things because of how you make them feel

And this is what I call the soul of a brand. 

Just like Tony Robbins, branding can be a seriously spiritual thing because it requires the same things for progressive self-development - a profound awareness of values, beliefs and feelings! 

Feelings Over "Sounding Catchy, Good or Appealing"

If you own a business, you ARE your business. And if you don't know why you do what you do (beyond making money), if you aren't able to communicate a deeper purpose, you are NOT going to connect with your audience on a soul level. Your brand's soul is what keeps the right people reading your material, buying from you and referring others to you.

I'll let that sink in for a moment ....

Especially as an online business, this is why content is SO important!

The only chance anyone can meet with the business owner and gauge your soul (your feelings, the vibes you put out) is your website and online content. 

How can anyone believe in your brand enough to buy from it if you've not done your own inner work to know what creates your own brand soul?

If you've got content, images, text - you are generating feelings. And, just like all the best spiritual teachers preach, feelings determine what we attract.

Ready to become more in tune with your brand so you can finally start attracting the response you want from the audiences who want you?

I've created a brand guide questionnaire just for you to speed up the process.

Answer the questions here and I'll follow up with an email so we can make you the kind of brand that would make Tony Robbins proud.

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