I've Happy Cried 3 Times in My Life. If You're Reading This, You're One of the Reasons.

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Today, it hit me again.

I was responding to someone on Instagram, an artist who was reaching out because they were EXCITED to take their brand to the next level.

As I hit the send button after typing my response, involuntary tears gushed from the outer corners of my eyes. Come to think of it, all my happy tears come from the outer corner of my eyes....and it's because of my huge anime-esque smile forcing the salty water to my cheeks.

I sat there stunned. 

There are only three things in my life that have made me cry happy tears:

1. The Red Hot Chili Peppers

I am a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are talented beyond belief, they speak truth and they are still giving their all!

I crossed a bucket item off my list after seeing them in concert last year. On my way home, I sat and cried happy tears.

2. When I Am with My Significant Other

Sometimes  you meet people who are everything you never knew you needed.

My Canoli (one of my many affectionate nick names for my Italian guy) is just that. Meeting and loving Mikey, and accepting his love for me, has given me more happy tear moments than I've ever bargained for. And it's because of who he is and never being able to imagine all of who he is could be in my life.

3. When I Get to Help Creatives Fulfill Their Greater Purpose

Helping other passionate do-gooders step into their greater realm of purpose for more money, more freedom, more fulfillment and unlimited potential in their businesses. 

I LOVE helping people meet their higher purpose, making it a brand and inviting the world to join in its pursuit!

If you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Thank you for being so deep and for wanting more from business than one-time sales transactions, more than followers - thank you for being SERIOUS about your God-given purpose that you were created to serve so others could join you!

If this post ignited a fire for your vision, I invite you to join me in a discovery call so we can keep that fire burning and step into your greater realm of purpose!

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