A Story About the Bravest Designer in the World

There once was a designer named Sally.

She adored making colors and shapes, so she went to school to master design with lots of promises of dollar signs.

In 2008, she was well in demand. Her skills were rare in so many lands. She wasn’t a computer, but a talented soul, who did what she loved and loved what she sold.

A few years later, she was speaking with prospects. They wanted someone who knew it all - sales, marketing, but not to design. “A copy and paste would suit just fine,” said the prospect with his nose up in the air. His glasses magnifying the firm, boring stare.

Now Sally is competing with Canva and drag & drop templates. But little do business owners know that there is no match to a designer who is trained not only in color, but emotional range. In the way a feeling can move someone to buy or reject, in the ability of a pixel to transition from website to package.

So Sally decided she sure knew her stuff. Her designs are not for businesses who want designer-mill fluff. Her work is reserved for the best of the best. For brands who hold purpose and want to be timeless. For business owners who know that the power of a sale is not in looks, but in the way they feel when they lay eyes on that book, that website, that product, that poster…a designer is one who cares not about expressing themselves, but in bringing to life a vision owned by somebody else. Designers understand the most important opinion is the audience who is targeted, they know exactly who will buy and how to make them want it.

So business owners, please, if you expect your designers to know your vision without providing a guideline, understand it is your vision, the designer is there to fall in line. To support your goal for your very big idea, to get the right people (not all the people) to buy in to what they feel.

If you don’t have a brand guide for your design, writing or marketing team, you are not being a good steward of your vision. If you’re in that boat, I have a tool just for you.

Click this link to visit my Ultimate Brand Guide questionnaire, and let’s give Sally a brand guide that will serve not only her, but you! :)

Caitlin ThiedeComment