Your success is necessary.


Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

This is the Hindu chant for abundance. It means, “Salutations to Lakshmi, the great goddess of abundance. "Om" is the seed sound of creation. "Shrim" is the seed sound for the principle of abundance. "Maha" means great. "Namaha" offers salutations. “ (Meg Sibley, The Prosperity Project)

Today is the first day of my 40 day practice chanting this mantra at sunrise.

This year I am determined on being - thinking, breathing, doing - as someone who already is abundant.

I have known this too long without truly feeling it - without truly accepting it.

Many years ago, I remember being this way. I felt it - I embodied it. And money was flowing prevalently in my life. Just this past year, I had experienced some debilitating setbacks in an abusive relationship.

Within 18 months I was left with $50,000 debt, zero savings and all of my hard earned money - I gave it to him out of fear. I was surviving.

I am forgiving myself for this.

I am healing.

And I am calling in new things, things I deserve. Because the truth is, if I cannot love myself enough to accept lavishness, wealth and abundance, I am also not able to love those I am meant to serve through my work.

I am learning to not accept scraps that fall to the floor, ,but to raise my standards and expect the best from myself and for myself. I am worthy, and I am learning not to merely think this, but to feel this.

What setbacks are you experiencing or have you experienced which are attaching shame to your own success?

What fears are you serving to keep yourself small? Is it for the sake of others, for the sake of a relationship or for the sake of a past mistake you made?

I would encourage you today to understand how vital your financial success is to the greater good of those your work serves.

More money offers more opportunity to give back and serve more people.

If you’re resisting the abundance of yourself and all that is for you, I implore you to go deep within yourself and find out why you are resisting.

If you truly want to heal others with your work, your success is necessary.

Sage on,


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