You Don't Need to Step into Your Power, You ARE Power

Here’s a little excerpt of a song I am crafting:

“Why would I beg to see the light when I myself am light?

Why would I ask forgiveness when God himself is my witness to my divinity and righteousness?”

Listen here -

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

Your life is a mirror of your current state of being.

Yes, that includes money and sales.

I want to share with you who I was being that permitted myself to be okay with surviving, suffering and victim to my circumstances.

Last year, I was at my all time low.

i was homeless and felt completely trainwrecked after assuming responsibility for my life (finally).

And what I thought I needed -

money, support from a partner and friends, a better living situation -

was not what I needed at all.

Actually, everything I lacked pushed me so far into myself that by the end of the year, I had realized in order to have all of the things I thought I needed (wanted), I had to become someone I had never been for myself.

For me, that looked like this:

  • Focused

  • Determined

  • Unwavering

and not for the things I want —- no no, I had to be these things for MYSELF.

I had to dcide to accept the truth about myself.

If I am made in God’s image, than I AM all powerful, I AM all knowing, I AM capable, I AM infallible…

and this is what Knowledge of Self is.

When you reach beyond your surface and identity level of habits, thoughts, feelings, traits and everything else my environment and conditioning taught (told) me I was…behind all of that, is the soul of your DNA.

The fiber of your true being.

The God stuff.

The power which you ARE.

Not the power you have - the power you are. Period.

This power is why I am able to show up the Caitlin who WILL achieve her goals and heal the world with money.

This power is the same reason you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to no matter what obstacles you think are in your way.

This power is why you are worthy of being it all so you CAN have it all.

Know who you are and then become who you know you are.

All it takes is dliberately commanding your soul and mind - telling them who YOU are; directing them what to think; and telling them what they feel.

You are power.

Always remember that.

Sage on,


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