Business is A Cherry Tree.

When I was younger, I remember learning an acronym to help me be a “better Christian” -

J - esus

O - thers


Joy meant prioritizing yourself in this order.


Years later, I heard a pastor suggest service to others as “sacrificing your time and energy and being always with others.”

Double yikes.

True giving can only be achieved by those who have first mastered themselves.

Devoting ourselves to self-mastery which requires tons of alone time and completely violates the urge to always be serving.

When we constantly give and sacrifice time with ourselves we are not truly giving at all. We are actually robbing others of energy by acting from a depleted, half-mastered vessel.

Let us look to nature instead -

Everything in nature is a creation composed of energy (even us).

The cherry tree is created and because it was created it gives.

Instead of serving others with your energy directly, which can be draining and time consuming, what about creating something from your energy which can serve the masses for generations?

Like a tree.

And this is the premise of business.

Are you ready to create a legacy from your energy that will serve others far beyond your capacity?

Let’s talk about it on a call.

Sage on spirit friends,


Caitlin ThiedeComment