The Best Way to Achieve Anything is Together

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” – Matthew 18:20

Growing up, this Bible verse was thrown around a lot.

I had always taken it as “where two or more people pray in the name of Jesus, there will be more power”, but if this were the case, that would mean my own solo prayers were not heard. And that every human who didn’t utter the name Jesus wouldn’t be heard either.

If you’re not at all spiritual or religious, bare with me —-

The context of this verse is in regards to old laws of having witnesses for offenses. The old principle was that if two or three witnesses were present, an offense could be justified. Jesus, being the rebel he was, took this to a whole new level saying that where people are united, God is among them.

So let’s look at the definition of unity —-




  1. 1.

    the state of being united or joined as a whole

I am learning a lot about leadership lately and one of my greatest areas for improvement is in operating as a part of a WHOLE - not as a separate part of something.

To me, that means learning to ask for and accept help freely. It means bouncing ideas off of others and applying input from team members. It means being outspoken about my thoughts and ideas. It’s a step outside of my comfort zone for sure.

When we exist as pieces of each other, we create space to consider the perspectives and feelings of others. We realize that our actions affect the collective and the actions of others affect us personally. There is nothing you can do (or not do) that will not affect the collective as a whole.

Because the truth is, no matter what your perspective, we are actually a union of people.

We are a tribe.

So how are you dividing yourself from others?

What thought habits, words or beliefs are separating you from union with others?

For me personally, my Virgo darkness is criticism - as I become more aware of my critical and judgmental thoughts, I replace them with love and acceptance for all.

Healing the World

If we are to heal the world as givers, it’s important we know our role within a collective group. Our talents and skills are needed for the greater good of all, so as tempting (and easy) as it is to do everything by ourselves, we’ve gotta stay connected with those who share our vision, and allow ourselves to surrender OUR idea of what is best to what is truly best for the WHOLE.

The best way to achieve anything is together.

Sage On,


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