All and Nothing

“All or nothing.”

A mantra I used to own with conviction.

Touting it with pride, I would use this belief to justify perceptions of duality.

  • Black or white

  • Good or bad

  • In or out

  • Everything or nothing

Now as I steep my soul deeper in Love, the truth becomes clearer: “All and nothing.”

All we are is nothing, yet because we are part of an all-encompassing and infinite whole, we are everything.

We are all and nothing.

If this is the truth of beings, we can also apply it to all things.

When we identify with all or nothing - we believe we can’t have it all and that we can’t have anything. We believe we must choose.

I’m encouraging you today with this truth -

you can be all, have all and at the same time it will be nothing to you if you remain detached from it; you can also have nothing be nothing and that will be everything.

Overcoming duality will help you accomplish more because you are attached not to the result, the outcome or the polarity.

You are committed instead to action for the sake of action. And when this is the case, you can do anything while being just as content with being nothing.

Ask yourself - when have you decided you were only committed to a relationship, a business, a lifestyle, a god - as all or nothing?

When truth visited me as all AND nothing, I gained valuable wisdom.

There is never a choice to make of giving all or nothing. Because we are all and nothing, the choice was already made for us.

Let’s continue fulfilling our work as leaders free from attachment to ego and duality.

Lets continue giving, not with intensity or force, but with commitment to give, period.

Sage on,


Caitlin Thiede2 Comments