What Being Single, Being Broke and Owning A Business Have in Common

So, I’m a female - if you haven’t realized by now…

I am also “single”

and recently I recognized something very crucial to every human who wants to make money and impact the world on an alchemical level.

Being broke, being single and owning a business all have one thing in common — they reveal your character.

  1. Being Single

    When you’re single, your true colors come out.

When you’re alone at night, hanging out with platonic friends of the opposite sex and being yourself with no expectations of a relationship - you’ll see how committed you are to emotions, mindsets and purity.

Here’s an example-

I have a lot of dude friends. I really love male energy. It’s simple, direct and gentle (with the right people). Recently, I was introduced to someone from another male friend of mine - we were all going out to eat and this new person did something very interesting: he lifted his hand to open the door for me and as fast as he did that, he also stopped himself just as fast - and got into the drivers seat. Why? Intuitively because I am just a “friend” - he doesn’t need to impress me or maybe he doesn’t want to send the signal that we are more than friends. Either way, this stopped me dead in my tracks - why are we conditioned to limit our purely motivated affections from anyone we cannot be romantically involved with?

This made me realize the true character of not only this person, but myself. I learned that being respected is my number one need as a human.

What habits do you notice when you’re single? What is being revealed to yourself about ways you limit your self and the way you communicate or remain open to others?

2. Being Broke

Let it be known that no one is actually broke - it’s not a state of being. We are abundant.

Let it also be known that as soon as you are “out of money” or no longer have a source of income, two things will be revealed:

  • your ability to generate money as you are with what you have

  • your ability to feel secure without it

The truth is money is not a solution. Even millionaires could use more money as the majority is tied up in investments.

When I began operating as a true business I learned the importance of not selling to have money, but setting intention with it and directing it to productive use.

Where do you stand without money?

3. Being a Business Owner

Once we realize we are responsible not only for feeding ourselves, but our employees and giving back with the money we create in business, we become hyper sensitive to our actions.

We become mission minded and focused.

This is the case if you’re a leader.

Which scenario applies to you?

Sage On,


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