Why Giving on Social Media is More Important Than Having Followers


These past couple weeks have been a doozy.

I have been forced to dive deep within myself and confront some very dark truths.

Up until now, I've been operating from a place of possession mainly in sales. When money is tight, I find myself sinkback into speaking to others to “get” a sale as opposed to seeking only to give to them.

Does this happen to you?

Here's the shift I made to return to giving:

1. I returned to nature

When I found myself fearing instead of trusting I went to be alone off a nearby trail.

I kept hearing that still small voice say “let go of the outcomes”. And so I did.

I spent a solid twenty minutes releasing any pressure I put on myself for results.

I gave myself permission to accept this new truth: I receive because I am.

2. I committed to giving through my actions.

Many of us are told to commit to certain actions in order to obtain a specific result. This is very well-intentioned and logical , but it can also lead us to judging ourselves based on results.

I have foundcommitting to action for the sake of giving without expectation is the only lasting motivation for taking massive action.

Committing to giving in our actions reminds us that our only responsibility is to show up. As we show up, we learn what is or isn't working and how to improve what we are doing. This commitment to action is an unconditional commitment to giving our full attention, focus and energy without STRIVING for something.

By committing to showing up and giving we are accepting of all that is while also assuming full responsibility for the outcomes - but NOT attaching to them.

3. I continue giving even when it is not reciprocated by my audience, stats or results.

When I look at mentors who make at least six figures annually, I am noticing a common theme: all of them give their attention, knowledge and voice to others unrelentlessly.

They don't wait to see how someone will respond.

They don't care if anyone is watching their videos or reading their posts.

They are only concerned about showing up and giving because that's who they are, givers.

Caitlin ThiedeComment