How to Surrender to Flow While Being An Aggressive Action Taker

If you read my last post, you may have recalled how the crows taught me to “put my money where my mouth is”.

What a huge, HUGE game changer that has been!

I have really been able to see where I fall short of myself - namely, boundaries, conditions and sticking to my guns when it comes to business.

I recently wrote a contract to MYSELF committing all the ways I would honor myself which included:

  • Valuing myself (and time) more than anyone else ever will

  • Making sure I am well compensated for my time and energy

  • Pricing to reflect the fair exchange of my energy

I am learning I can only guarantee what I deliver - and now that I am much more committed to what I give (instead of the results that come from it), I am learning how to surrender to FLOW in business.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt like I was struggling. As if that was my only choice in life. Now i recognize, it isn’t.

For the past week, whenever I feel I am FORCING from fear under the pressure of struggle, I have stopped what I am doing and balanced my energy. I acknowledge the heaviness and I released it through tears, dancing and laughter. And I welcomed EASE, FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE.

As I continued delivering my commitments, I experienced a type of drive I have never felt. I was pushing from LOVE both FEAR. I was excited to deliver my ideas to the world, not just from my head, but from my heart!

And the strength is different - it is a fierceness that prods me to finish what I started for the sake of committing to what I deliver and not to the results I will get afternoon delivering.

I have learned surrendering to flow isn’t to be apathetic and “okay” with where you’re at in a sense of not pushing through, it’s actually to flow WITH what is occurring. To pivot back and use what happening FOR you and your business. It forces creativity on a whole new level! Flow is responding to a lost client or money dip with a plan you strategically set in place prior. Flow is planting more seeds in the leads and prospects instead of waiting for someone to buy. Flow is recognizing setbacks are inevitable but it’s how you respond that really effects the outcome.

How are you responding to the flow of what’s going on in your business?

Sage On Spirit Family,


Caitlin Thiede