Crows, Bread and Money

Nature is our greatest teacher.

Ever since embarking on my journey inward, I hear the Universe speaking much more frequently and more loudly in what surrounds me.

For about a solid month, I have been seeing crows carrying bread in their mouths.

Diving from lamp posts and tree tops to swoop in on a salvaged feast and then shooting upward into the air, crows are crafty creatures. Recently, I was walking the sidewalk when a crow glided right beside me and landed gently at my feet. This was the incident that taught me the crows had something to teach me. From that moment, I began looking at the crow more frequently.

And each time I spotted one, it was carrying nourishment for itself and others in its beak while soaring.

I have found that money can be likened to food in the Animal Kingdom.

The birds faithfully hunt everyday - not focused on the bread they dont have or even the bread they carry in their beaks. They are steadfastly committed to moving forward in action and journeying to and from destinations.

They are simple creatures and know as long as they arrive to hunt, the food will also be there.

So it is with us.

How many times have you waited to be given bread instead of realizing it is waiting for you to be found?

Up until now, one of my greatest balancing acts has been limboing between what others do and what I have notnyet done.

“Oh, I can't call that person yet, they didn't confirm a time. “

“Oh, I cannot accept the payment, I didn't perfect the product launch.”

We must realize that our money is where our mouths are.

Are your words reflecting beliefs of self-empowerment and acceptance of full responsibility?

Or are they excusing from taking action ?

Another thing the crow taught me was I must do for myself what I advise my clients. I must put my money where my mouth is. And this returns full circle to animals hunting nourishment first for themselves and then for those around them. The birds reserve a portion of food for themselves first and because they are nourished they can hunt for more food to nourish others.

Where is your bread? Are you waiting until someone gives it to you before even asking or searching for it? Or are you doing the most important part of receiving which is hunting?

Sage on,


Caitlin ThiedeComment