Standing Rock: Being the Support You Need

These last couple weeks have brought some incredible perspective - and game changing boldness.

For those of you who don’t know, I was present at one of the recent shootings. I was working at the Garlic Festival when shots rang out feet from us.

From that day, I became a changed human being.

But I am not writing this blog to share about the events that day. I am writing to encourage you to be the support you need while also being able to receive support from others.

As a business owner or leader of any sort, the greatest wisdom to accept as early as possible is this - YOU CAN’T DO THIS ALONE.

After the shooting, I was gratefully confronted with all of the anger and grief from events years prior. I came to grips with the truth - I had confused peace with my past with suppression and denial.

I could not continue “walking off” my past and pretending I had always been okay. I always said I was okay.

But, when someone is not letting you keep the money you earn, coercing you to take out debts in your name, withholding money from you and intentionally telling you you’re mentally insane - you’re not okay.

I am not sure what you’re going through or what you’ve been through. But I do know this - all pain is valid. ALL PAIN.

In order to truly support yourself, you must allow yourself to feel sorrow for yourself. Feel angry for injustices. Feel grief for time, people and opportunities that have been taken from you.

It’s okay to feel it all. Crying doesn’t make you weak. Being sad doesn’t make you selfish. Being angry doesn’t make you bitter. It makes you HUMAN.

Most importantly, realize that it’s up to you to let others be there for you. If you need emotional support in trying times, tell those close to you. Tell them what you need from them.

You’re not a burden and you’re not being overdramatic. You’re being human.

Those who choose to grow with you in your dark are your people - all the others can be left behind.

In times of emotional processing, it’s super important to be a standing rock. One you can rely on to hold your weight when you need to break down while also being the platform that holds your weight as you continue making progress towards your goals.

Feeling pain deeply doesn’t mean it has to interrupt your life flow - it just means you have to learn to let go and continue moving with the pain.

Sage on,


Caitlin Thiede