Why I Traded Easy Money for Easy Effort That Transforms Me

How many of us love doing what is easy?

Naturally, when something is easy for us, we are pretty good - or at least halfway decent - at it. It feels good because we know we are good at it. We are praised. We make more money because we are good at what we do and we also get an amazing ego booster.

I loved being a full time writer because I was in full control of the results I got for clients.

My job was secure because I was such a good writer and could easily bang out an entire website, article or blog series in one hour. The more content I created, the more money I made.

Eventually I got to a point where I could charge $3,500 per client - I received half the payment upfront and the second half at the project delivery.

Boy was I comfortable. I was so comfortable, in fact, that I didn’t sell. I barely reached out to people online and relied on inbound marketing - I.E. my content - to generate leads.

This is optimal for any business owner, however, I was lazy. I was apathetic. I was okay with receiving one client a month for $3,500. Why? Because it paid my bills and it was easy.

And that’s when I realized I could be doing much better…

Now imagine leaving that world for this: direct messaging as many people as possible without a guarantee of money or even landing them as a potential client. Being structured to receive $25,000 a month so long as I land 10 clients in my coaching program in a given time frame.

The risk is way higher.

The investment of my energy is greater.

And I am required to show up as someone who actually cares about the person I am working with - and more importantly - take a hit when they take a hit.

There is no comfort in this.

There is only a strong urgency to plant as many seeds as possible for the greater good. Knowing that my efforts may help just ONE more person take responsibility for the environment and their community as a brand leader.

I feel 100x more fulfilled, energetic and will never go back to easy money.

Did you notice the switch in my WHY?

I went from money, results and comfort-driven to purpose driven.

The beautiful irony in this new switch is that there is much more room for growth, expansion (both inside and out) and wealth when we stop playing safe.

If you’re struggling with stepping into your purpose, I want you to know it’s safe to leave your comfort zone.

Join me Saturday, August 31st at 9 AM PST to learn how to confidently turn your passion into your mission so you can live your purpose everyday.

Sage On Spirit Family,


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