No One Makes It to the Top Alone

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As a coach, I run into a lot of egos.

Many prospects flat out say, “I don’t need your help…” or even begin comparing themselves to other celebrities who have “made” it.

“I can do whatever I set my mind to,” one said.

Yes, that’s correct.

But any wise sage knows your mind only knows what your mind knows which is why anyone who has “made it” has always had help.

Tony Robbins did NOT become Tony Robbins on his own.

Tony Robbins formed the mindset he needed from Jim Rohn.

So, it’s never a matter of “if” you need help or even “when” you need help.

It’s only a matter of when will you be honest with yourself and humble enough to accept help?

When will you be rich enough to invest in yourself when it’s not convenient or when you don’t have dollars in the bank?

Once you get to that point, you are thinking like a rich person!

This is great in theory, but I also know it can be intimidating to hire a coach when your finances are up in the air. Maybe you need to work on a bit more self-belief BEFORE committing to thousands of dollars worth of opportunity.

I get it, and I gotcha, which is why I partnered with . Now hold on - before you think I am just selling something, hear me out.

A while ago I was approached by this dude, Kalani Thomas.

Apparently, he is a business genius and has been coaching for over a decade. He hand-selected various experts for Wegotcha to serve as coaches for the masses.

His goal to help as many people as possible get affordable access to coaches so they can transform their lives and businesses. I’ll be honest, at first I was skeptical…it’s like a mill, like a puppy mill only for coaches!

I was concerned that by just offering my mind and voice as a coach, the person on the other end of the phone wouldn’t be getting all they deserved - I was wrong.

Not EVERYONE needs a full package.

Sometimes they just need 20 minutes.

That’s why I hopped on this - because I want to help you even if it means not having you as a client of my own or buying into a high-priced package.

If you’d like to set up a time to meet with me, sign up for a free trial call on here and make sure you tell them in the message you want to speak with Caitlin Thiede from Storyspeak Enterprises.

And if you want to speak to someone else on the platform, by all means, don’t mention my name at all.

Cheers to your higher sage self,


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