Complete Brand Training and Squarespace Website Bundle

Complete Brand Training and Squarespace Website Bundle

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Complete Brand Training with “Best Kept Secrets of an Ex-Global Brandkeeper” .

1. Learn everything you need to know about branding in 40 minutes!

Complete instructions and training videos (2 - approximately 40 minutes total) gives you:

  1. Your IDEAL audience persona

  • Who they are (age, personality, hobbies, pleasures, pains)

  • What they feel about your product/service

  • Why they prefer your brand over any other

2. Brand Awareness Exercise

  • Know how to speak to attract your ideal audience

  • Learn how to share your brand story

  • Understand your own brand emotions so your audience connects to your brand on a deep, personal level

3. Brand Guide Template

  • Pass it on to designers, marketers and ad agencies so they match your level of branding

  • Attract the most qualified leads (people who already want what you have before they purchase)

4. Emotional Color Guide

  • Select the right colors for your logo and brand based on the feelings of your audience

  • Attract the best quality buyers for a lifetime

Branding is the first and most important step for getting higher conversion rates!

2. Make a website that will make you worth more within 7 seconds of people visiting your site.

Sign up for my course and walk away with:

  • A deeper understanding of your brand, what branding actually is, how to do it and why it matters

  • A clean and professional Squarespace site you can complete within 5 hours (5 lessons total, 1 hour each)

  • Better opinions of your brand from ideal audiences

  • More confidence in your own products and services

  • More respect for your own work

  • 20% off your Squarespace site membership

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