Become A Legacy Brand Leader
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It is the mission of STORYSPEAK ENTERPRISES to train Spirit and heart led creatives as Legacy Brand Leaders (TM).

Combining business and spirituality, STORYSPEAK ENTERPRISES equips independent business owners to think, feel and function as wealthy brand leaders who are capable of leading teams in their soul purpose mission for the ultimate cause of the collective conscious business community: to heal the world with money.


Caitlin Thiede, CEO & Founder

Caitlin was inspired to hone the secret sauce of corporate communications and brand compliance strategy while working at a world-leading biopharmaceutical firm with the world’s most brilliant creatives, scientists and sales force. Today Caitlin reserves her knowledge to partner exclusively with artists, healers, holistic businesses and other creatives whose efforts are restoring health to Mother Earth, breathing new life into communities and preserving Indigineous Heritage.


STORYSPEAK ENTERPRISES prepares partners to monetize their existence for the long term.

The end goal: make money by simply being.

Together we will create lifetime brand resources and processes that transform -

  • Ideas

  • Content

  • Images

  • Websites

    And, ultimately, your business -

    into assets that can be capitalized for as long as the brand lives.


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Access our community of earth-minded visionaries who are being the change for future generations as brands who heal the world with money.