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Become A Legacy Brand Leader in 8 Weeks

After working with some of the most brilliant minds in the coaching game, branding for global companies and serving as a consultant to world-class creatives, I’ve created my program to simulate the exact circumstances it takes to BECOME someone who is on their way to purposefully earning six-figures remotely from their creative passions.

A structured program to simulate the type of response you would if you hit rock bottom and HAD NO PLAN B - as if your only option were to become responsible for your dreams, finances and mindset.

My mix of coursework, live meetings and LOTS of personal interaction creates a place where you must rise to your calling with -

  1. Positive Urgency

  2. Deliberate & Massive Imperfect Action

  3. Intentional & Accountable Goal Setting

The Truth About Creating A Life on Your Terms

We have two choices - wait until life pushes us into fires (i.e. rock bottom) so we come out as Phoenixes or jump into fires and become a Phoenix without hitting rock bottom.

My goal is to help you become WHO you deserve so you can DO what you need so you can finally have what you WANT.

I want you to learn from MY mistakes.

I was a freelancer for years not taking sales seriously. “Winging It” Letting whatever happens, happen. Waiting for what I wanted…until I had no choice to walk through fires and align my actions to my words. For most of us, our rock bottom will become our driving force.

But wouldn’t it be great to know how to drive yourself BEFORE you lose your job, your marriage or your house?

Wouldn’t it be great to voluntarily place yourself in a SAFE environment where you are supported, guided and taught so you don’t have to learn as you go?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to invest money into your OWN vision and business and make mistakes under someone’s guidance who has ACTUALLY been there before?