Who is a Legacy Brand Leader?

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Are you …




Building your own empire?

If this is you, I’d like for you to know a little more about me….

Since 2014 I’ve worked with some of the most brilliant minds in the coaching game, in the pharmaceutical industry and in online business.

Last year I discovered something I had in common with many of my colleagues…

  • Wanting money to “have” money.

  • Wanting success to “be successful”.

I was networking TO SELL instead of networking to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

And as I looked around at the small empire I had built for myself - remote lifestyle, a brand that serves public figures and publishing companies, I felt empty.

I had wanted a business to BE a business owner - to have flexibility and freedom - but there was so much more to my desires I had yet to realize…

I was in business to be in business and to make money on my terms, but there was something deep inside telling me the reason I had these desires to begin with was to fulfill my potential of using money to heal the world.

As I became more deliberate about the way I came across to others with branding, I became more purposeful in business as a whole.

Suddenly, my energy, money and intentions MATTERED. And all of these things became the reason I existed. In nature, there is opposition in all things - dark to light, moon to sun, water to fire.

And here we are in a world where anyone can make money online with simple effort.

The world has boxed creatives and business in two separate categories. Telling them they are “opposite” of each other.

I am here to change that.

Every business owner has the capacity to become a brand legacy that will reverse the damage done by Big Pharma, oil companies, deforestation and more.

If you are driven, determined and ambitious with making money, you are a creative.

If you are an artist, a healer, a writer, you are also in business.

The two cannot be separate.

Legacy Brand Leaders deliberately raise the consciousness of our planet and use business as a vehicle to make money that heals the world.

Whether realtors, artists, salesmen or writers - no matter how you make money, if you dedicate proceeds to a greater cause with your brand, you are a Legacy Brand Leader.

Meet some Legacy Brand Leaders who have worked with me below: