Caitlin Thiede, Legacy Brand Coach


Founder & CEO  Storyspeak Enterprises

Hi, I'm Caitlin.  

You'll work with me as your mindset coach from Day 1.

I am here to help you tap into your conscious wisdom so you can use your products, services and money as a vehicle to serve your divine purpose.

But, I know you’ll need more than that to become a brand legacy who will heal the world with money…. Meet your full team here

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Who is it for?

Anyone who is determined to make money for the greater good as a business owner.

What can it do for me?

  1. Attract An Entire Market Segment to Your Products BEFORE Launching

    • Create opportunities for longer purchase cycles based on brand presence

    • Create brand position in market to attract investors who align to your vision & values

  2. Attract investors and customers who want to join your movement for life

  3. Simplify marketing and sales efforts while compounding results

  • Prepares business for outsourcing marketing/sales (you control productivity of agent)

  • Prepares business for Facebook ads

  • Maintain high value brand proposition with growth to retain customers and grow your market

4. Create multiple revenue streams

5. Help scouting, hiring and onboarding qualified agents for your sales/marketing


How do I know I am a good fit?

  1. You serve a purpose bigger than themselves, money or business

  2. You’re committed to using business revenue to contribute to greater purpose

  3. You agree to mastering brand purpose and communicating it publicly

  4. You prioritize lifetime brand loyal buyers over fast, short-term cash

  5. You want to know your brand better than anyone else and make sure it outlives you

  6. You Desire to create a brand legacy (and revenue) to serve the highest good and generations of buyers

  7. You can pay the program fees and cost

What do I get?

  • 1:1 Coaching Weekly ($1,440 Value)

    • Mindset redirection to bounce back after setbacks

    • Project management resources to hold yourself accountable

  • Weekly Group Meetings

  • Your own Wealth Coach to guarantee effective processes ($1,000 Value)

  • Your own Social Media Strategist for maximizing social media results ($880 Value)

  • Your own Graphic Designer for logo creation ($750 Value)

  • Resources, courses and tools to manage & expedite your marketing and sales processes ($1,500 Value)

    Total Program Value: $5,570

What does it cost?

Established Biz Owners:

  • Operating with Fully Functional Services and/or products

  • Experiencing success with recurring sales revenue

  • Some structure and processes

Program Cost: $3,500

$500 Reservation Fee* (Due immediately) + $3,000 ( paid in-full) excludes non-refundable Reservation Fee

* Reservation Fee includes weekly coaching sessions occurring during the duration of the payment plan period. Together you and I will create enough money for the program from our coaching calls.

**Client will begin program session once it is paid in full

Payment Plan Options:

  1. $500 Fee Upfront + $3,000 Over 3 Month Period = $1,000 per month for 3 months

Newly Launched Business Owner:

  • Not operating with fully functional services and products

  • Zero to little recurring sales revenue

  • Freelancing/commission based work

  • Zero structure or processes

Program Cost: $3,000

$500 Reservation Fee* (Due immediately) + $2,500 ( paid in-full) excludes non-refundable Reservation Fee

Payment Plan Options:

  1. $500 Fee Upfront + $2,500 Over 6 Month Period = $416.66 per month for 6 months

  2. $500 Fee Upfront + $2,500 Over 3 Month Period = $833.33 per month for 3 months

  3. $500 Fee Upfront + $2,500 Over 4 Month Period = $625 per month for 4 months

How can I start?

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