Artists, Writers & Healers Who Want Financial Breakthrough in their Creative Businesses

  • Transition from corporate to FULL TIME INCOME from your creative purpose work

    • Drop self-limiting beliefs holding you back from creating your best self & future because of time, money and other bullsh*t excuses stealing your potential

  • Develop the RIGHT mindset to create wealth from your own brand legacy

    • Create a THRIVING financial future built on taking risks

  • Create the MINDFRAME to become a preferred choice among audiences

    • Own your VALUE and walk in it CONFIDENTLY

  • Learn WHY content is the most effective strategy for sales & HOW to execute it to the right people at the right place at the right time

    • Deep connections to your audiences so you’re IN DEMAND before launching products or services

  • Embrace a tightknit COMMUNITY of like-minded creative visionaries who are destined to change the world with their purposeful work

    • Never go through anything alone and get support from, not only me, but others who will join you on your journey

Personal qualifications for program:

  1. Committed to leaving full time job to work remotely or from home

  2. Setting an exit date from their FT job while in my program

  3. Serving a purpose bigger than themselves, money or business

  4. Committed to using business revenue to contribute to greater purpose

  5. Desires to leave a brand legacy that will outlive you



Cannapreneurs Who Want to Stand Out & Win A Niche in the Cannabis Market

  • Attract An Entire Market Segment to Your Products BEFORE Launching

    • Leverage branded content to develop strong rapport with highly targeted audience

    • Create opportunities for longer purchase cycles based on brand presence

  • Create brand position in market to attract investors who align to your vision & values

    • Prepare for lucrative investment opportunities based on the product demand we create from real leads who WANT to pay prior to launch 

  • Simplify efforts of communications, marketing, e-mail and advertising campaigns and compound results

    • Create resources for social media/advertising/marketing agents before outsourcing(you control productivity of agent).

    • Maintain high value brand proposition with growth to retain customers and grow your market

Personal qualifications for program:

  1. Committed to mastering brand purpose and communicating it publicly

  2. Prioritizes lifetime brand loyal buyers over fast, short-term cash

  3. Committed to taking responsibility for brand power and leveraging power/authority responsibly

  4. Desires to create a brand legacy (and revenue) to serve the highest good and generations of buyers


Program Schedule

This program is offered 4 times per year with 15 spots available per session.

Next Enrollment:

  • February 1st - March 29th *OPEN ENROLLMENT STARTS NOW - ENDS 1-23-19*

Program Features:

  • 1:1 Coaching Weekly ($1,440 Value)

  • Prepares business to outsource marketing and business processes

  • Prepares business to generate sustainable revenue

  • Program course content and mindset assignments

    • Structure to track progress and anticipate upcoming work / deadlines

    • Mindset redirection to bounce back after setbacks

    • Project management resources to hold yourself accountable

    • Custom systems and processes we build together to prepare for more money

  • Weekly Group Meetings

  • Consultation with a graphic designer to provide you with a Logo that reflects your brand values and attracts your ideal audiences for a lifetime (Value $500)

  • Access to a tech guru & financial freedom coach to optimize processes for:

    • Lead Generation

    • Onboarding

    • Sales

    • Enrollment

      • (Value $1,000)

  • Social media strategist to make your social media to optimize the processes we set in place for:

    • Content Distribution

    • Content Creation

    • Content Marketing

      • (Value $500)

Program Value: $3,440

Program Cost: $2,000 (Cost when paid upfront)

Due by final day of enrollment for each program session*

Alternate Payment Options: ($3,000 with payment plan)


Week 1: $1,500.00

Week 3: $1,500.00


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