Blog Feature

Artist agrees to cooperate with the processes and deadlines STORYSPEAK set in place to receive: artwork and business info from artist for blog; audio content for podcast; and video content for IGTV. If a deadline is missed, the artist understands STORYSPEAK is not liable for not appearing in the content and there will not be a refund.

Artist Respons-ibility

The artist agrees to undergo a complementary marketing power session from Caitlin before the promotion to assure the it returns satisfactory results. The artist understands and agrees to create any processes which are needed to gain a return from the promotion and that not having required processes in place will result in a delayed or cancelled promotion with no refund.


The artist understands that there is no refund available unless STORYSPEAK fails to produce content according to the agreement. If a technology error or emergency should occur where content cannot be published and distributed to audiences, the artist will receive a full refund. The artist understands and agrees to pay in full before the promotion.