At STORYSPEAK ENTERPRISES, we believe in win-win relationships. Our mission is to equip creatives to heal the world with money by developing artists, healers, alternative medicine practitioners and holistic coaches into Legacy Brands capable of making financial and service-based impact for generations. We know not every coach, healer, writer or artist has the capacity to become a Legacy Brand Leader (at least not yet).

That’s why we created ways to help you promote your work through our audiences.

See if our audience is a good fit for your promotion below:


The most engaging audience segment for each platform is as stated:

  • Website: United States

  • Facebook: United States, Australia

  • Instagram: United States, India

The most engaging audiences on all platforms are men and women aged 22 - 55. These men and women have full time occupations and are aspiring “spiritual entrepreneurs” as:

  • Reiki healers

  • Artists

  • Poets

  • Coaches

The audience’s average income is $24k - $55k USD and identifies with conscious movements & lifestyles such as:

  • organic and sustainable living

  • vegan / animal / humanitarian activism

  • grassroots music

  • yoga

  • environment

  • Indigineous community

  • Unity conscious causes

  • cannabis culture

  • art and music advocacy


Become A Featured Artist in Caitlin’s Blog


  • Black and white art

  • Art reflects values of love, unity, compassion and leadership

  • Theme of nature, indigenous, earth and/or energy

Your art will be credited and your website/shop link will appear in:

  1. (4) blogs

  2. LinkedIn (4 posts)

  3. Facebook (4 Posts)

  4. Instagram (4 Posts)

  5. Sent to email subscribers (4 emails)

Promotion cost: $197

Appear on Caitlin’s Podcast, Stories That Matter


  • Creating intentional impact in the world through your profession, personal or artistic life

  • Must commit to an arranged interview time for podcast recording

Your art will be credited and your website link will appear in:

  1. (1) podcast

  2. LinkedIn (1 post)

  3. Facebook (1 post)

  4. Instagram (1 post)

  5. Sent to email subscribers (1 email)

Promotion cost: $99

Be featured in Caitlin’s IGTV videos


  • Heart-centered leader

  • Motivated by impact

  • committed to being a positive force for audiences

Your art will be credited and your website/shop link will appear in:

  1. (1) Post

  2. LinkedIn (1 Post)

  3. Facebook (1 Post)

  4. Instagram (1 Post)

  5. Sent to email subscribers (1 emails)

Promotion cost: $ 197

Total promotion cost for ALL channels above: $493 x 1 month

Save over $300 with the Best Value PR package:

Best Value: $999 x 3 months

*1 or 3 month promotional purchase required.

*1 month packages can be purchased more than once for future reservation and can only occur after 4 months have lapsed prior to the last 1 month package has been completed.

*Promotional purchase must be paid in full in order to start promotion.

*Artists must agree to receiving one complementary marketing session per month (1 session with $493 package, 3 sessions with $999 package) and making recommended changes to assure effective promotion results.

Read all promotional terms here.

Do you enjoy Storyspeak’s writing and videos and need more content for your own email list or social media following?

Give your audience more value by requesting Caitlin’s blog and/or videos  be sent to your email subscribers or online community.

Zero promotional cost.

All artists are eligible for a promotion after being qualified on a phone call.

Please select a time on the calendar to connect and fill out the necessary information for our call. We look forward to sharing your work!