Speak your story in ways you never imagined. Be more than you ever dreamed.
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Storyspeak Enterprises

Inspiring creative business owners to own their power, sell on purpose

and heal the world with money.



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Rise to your full potential as an entrepreneur earning money on your terms.

  • Artists & Writers

  • Holistic health & wellness product/service providers

  • Smokeless cannabis product creators

  • Reiki and energy healers

Create something bigger than you to give back to.



  • Loyal ideal clients for a lifetime

  • More control over who buys from you

  • More revenue streams

  • Brand loyalty you can track, measure and grow

  • Your own brand NO ONE IN THE WORLD can compete with and value that GETS BIGGER over time

  • A market of buyers who want to buy from you BEFORE launching a new business, product or service

  • A network of higher-level businesses who WANT to work with you for opportunities to expand as far as the eye can see


In just 8 weeks -

  • Become the leader of a brand YOU create by aligning with exactly who YOU are called to be

  • Become the YOU required to LIVE life & make MONEY on YOUR terms

  • FULFILL the PURPOSE only YOU can with a BRAND and business model YOU choose

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By applying principles of self-development to branding, Storyspeak Enterprises raises artists, holistic health & wellness businesses and Etsy shop owners into powerful brands who connect deeply with their purpose, themselves and audiences for more sales, deeper impact and lasting fulfillment.

Brand your purpose, build an empire.



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Caitlin Thiede, Legacy Branding Coach

Founder & CEO  Storyspeak Enterprises

Hi, I'm Caitlin.  

You'll work with me as your mindset coach from Day 1.

I'll connect you to my exclusive team of professional designers, writers and technology resources for a complete brand upgrade that will position you from the ground (your website) up! Together my team and I brand legacies for Etsy shop owners, photographers, writers and smokeless cannabis brands can create limitless potential for their businesses and serve their first loves - the environment and humanity - from a place of abundance.



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  • Transition from corporate to FULL TIME INCOME from your creative purpose work

    • Drop self-limiting beliefs holding you back from creating your best self & future because of time, money and other bullsh*t excuses stealing your potential

  • Develop the RIGHT mindset to create wealth from your own brand legacy

    • Create a THRIVING financial future built on taking risks

  • Create the MINDFRAME to become a preferred choice among audiences

    • Own your VALUE and walk in it CONFIDENTLY

  • Learn WHY content is the most effective strategy for sales & HOW to execute it to the right people at the right place at the right time

    • Deep connections to your audiences so you’re IN DEMAND before launching products or services

  • Embrace a tightknit COMMUNITY of like-minded creative visionaries who are destined to change the world with their purposeful work

    • Never go through anything alone and get support from, not only me, but others who will join you on your journey