Speak your story in ways you never imagined. Be more than you ever dreamed.
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Storyspeak Enterprises

Equipping conscious creatives to own their power, sell on purpose

and heal the world with money.



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We help build your business

  • Artists & Writers

  • Holistic health & wellness product/service providers

  • Smokeless cannabis product creators

  • Reiki and energy healers

while your business builds you.



Talent reveals what you can do, dreams reveal who you can be, character reveals who you are.

Together we will teach you to become a creative entrepreneur who sets deliberate intention with focus, money and energy so you take your rightful place as Captain of your Fate.

Whatever YOU want to accomplish for your art, healing, coaching, writing or music - that’s what we will help you do. More importantly, we will help you understand your purpose so you can make the impact you are destined to make without sacrificing your soul or money.

It’s time to take back the power you’ve given away to money, circumstances and ego.

By connecting you with your true being, we will build your brand legacy and business empire to fulfill possibilities you never imagined,

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Storyspeak Enterprises connects creative heart-centered and earth-minded aspiring entrepreneurs with their divine purpose.




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Caitlin Thiede, Legacy Branding Coach

Founder & CEO  Storyspeak Enterprises

Hi, I'm Caitlin.  

You'll work with me as your mindset coach from Day 1.

I am here to help you tap into your conscious wisdom so you can use your products, services and money as a vehicle to serve your divine purpose.

But, I know you’ll need more than that to become a brand legacy who will heal the world with money….



Who will benefit?

  • Artists, photographers, Etsy shop owners, poets, smokeless CBD brands, holistic/health coaches

Attract An Entire Market Segment to Your Products BEFORE Launching

  • Leverage branded content to develop strong rapport with highly targeted audience

  • Create opportunities for longer purchase cycles based on brand presence

Create brand position in market to attract investors who align to your vision & values

  • Prepare for lucrative investment opportunities based on the product demand we create from real leads who WANT to pay prior to launch 

Simplify efforts of communications, marketing, e-mail and advertising campaigns and compound results

  • Create resources for social media/advertising/marketing agents before outsourcing(you control productivity of agent).

  • Maintain high value brand proposition with growth to retain customers and grow your market


Personal qualifications for program:

  1. Serving a purpose bigger than themselves, money or business

  2. Committed to using business revenue to contribute to greater purpose

  3. Committed to mastering brand purpose and communicating it publicly

  4. Prioritizes lifetime brand loyal buyers over fast, short-term cash

  5. Committed to taking responsibility for brand power and leveraging power/authority responsibly

  6. Desires to create a brand legacy (and revenue) to serve the highest good and generations of buyers