Brand Management is the learned art of preserving the value, mission and experience of your business.

Preserving these things as you grow is very important. Imagine having a child - let’s call her, Suzy. Today Suzy is 5 and ever since Little Suzy entered the world, you’ve been doing all you can to make sure she is well taken care of - you feed her, clothe her, teach her how to speak, help her learn to walk - all the skills and necessities to make sure she is alive. But just because Suzy is alive doesn’t mean she is living. In addition to being fed, clothed, sheltered and schooled, Suzy also requires emotional nurturing, encouragement and support. These things feed Suzy’s soul and the condition of Suzy’s soul will determine her experience in the world. And Suzy becomes responsible for her own soul condition as an adult and will need to manage it for the rest of her life for an optimal life experience.

Makes sense, right?

The brand does for the business what the soul does for the human.

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STEP 1: Complete the course below to create your own Brand Guide (You will need it before the call).

STEP 2: Schedule a call with Sebastian. He will use your Brand Guide to create your Brand typeface (font) and colors.

STEP 3: Complete the Audience Map.

STEP 4: Complete the Empathy Cheat Sheet