There is a huge misnomer in the world of marketing. Somehow business owners everywhere have been led to think that the more likes, followers and exposure they have, the more they are marketing.

The truth is marketing is like a game of chess.

Our job as marketers is to have a strategic plan for every person who engages with us in person and on social media.

So how do you create that strategic chess game? Let’s compare this to being an engineer.

Do you know why engineers are paid well? It's because they reverse analyze H U G E goals to make them doable. That's exactly what marketing is, too!

We will be covering four main things in this section:


    Whenever we approach social media content or messaging you must know the call to action (CTA) we want others to take. We will learn the best call-to-actions to use by forming the habit of asking specific questions BEFORE posting our content.


    Whenever we test something, it’s important to do it in a controlled and manageable fashion. This means we have to make sure we know what we are measuring success by. This looks different for everyone and that’s why there can never be a one-size-all marketing campaign. To make sure we can create strategy that can work again and again and again, we are going to learn how to test and track:

    • Words

    • Social media channels

    • The order of pages people land on


This is the mother of all marketing strategy.

We will cover the different stages of the journey, what that looks like for you and how to create it with our content. Most importantly, we will learn how to also track and measure the success of our customer journey so we can find a journey that can be put on repeat.

Finally, we will help you create a website that can be monetized in the future and will one day be used to generate leads and sales.